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Wedding Guest Trees

Our wedding guest trees are a unique alternative not only to the traditional wedding guest book, but to other wedding guest trees, as well.  Since our trees are custom works of art created entirely for you, rest assured that none of your guests will have ever seen one before and will never see one like it again.  The wedding guest tree allows each and every one of your guests to leave their personal mark on your special day. Unlike traditional guest books that end up in a box in the attic, you will be sure to display your breath-taking guest tree for many years to come.

(Look for 'Katie & Kyle' between the branches) - yes, we can also add your pet!!

After Eric paints your tree, it's up to you and your wedding guests to add the leaves!  Using the included ink pad (the color is your choosing), your guests will add their thumbprints to the painting.

Once a thumbprint has been added as a leaf, your guests can then sign their name beside the thumbprint using a permanent fine point marker (also included).  The signing stick should be placed across the painting, on the frame, to form a sturdy surface for your guests to rest their hands on.  This will also prevent smudging of the ink already placed on the canvas.

At the end of your wedding, you and the love of your life will be left with a beautiful
one of a kind work of art to commemorate the day and everyone who shared in your joy!

(Look for 'Hannah & Matthew' between the branches)

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