artistree names
between the branches

  • Foot Tree - Martin Foot and Ankle
    Foot Tree - Martin Foot and Ankle
  • Wedding Tree - Langione
    Wedding Tree - Langione
  • Anniversary Tree - Patti & Jeff, 30 Years
    Anniversary Tree - Patti & Jeff, 30 Years

artistree names offers custom original acrylic on canvas paintings by Eric Lingenfelter.  In his distinctive paintings, Eric forces the onlookers to examine and focus on the negative space 'between the branches' in order to see the subject of the piece - usually a name. These striking works of art are captivating enough to be displayed as they are, or they may be transformed into an intriguing guest tree, where event guests can stamp their thumbprint and sign their name to form leaves on the branches. Guest trees are a truly personal and unique way to commemorate life's special events, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, and anniversaries and can be used by businesses to mark team building events, store openings and other milestones.

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